The Swiss Made Egyptian

From Medical Student to Fellowship-Trained Consultant: How to Create Your Medical Career Success Path

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About Dr. Mohy Taha

Coming from Egypt and moving to Switzerland, where I currently work at the Basel University Hospital, meant that I had to learn German from scratch and work harder than most to build my medical career; essentially, I beat the odds, but that may not be so for other doctors who have the same aptitude as me, or even more.

MY-FELLOWSHIP was thus created in collaboration with the VSAO Basel (Association of Swiss Residents and Consultants) to provide all individuals in the medical field equal opportunity to access knowledge through fellowships and pivotal connections by linking up information from potential fellows, past fellows, institutions and sponsors, all of which had previously existed on separate planes without structure. Over time, with support from the global medical community, I envision that MY-FELLOWSHIP will grow to become more than just a platform connecting individuals to streamline fellowship application processes, and evolve into a centralized hub of medical knowledge for all with the help of technology.







The Swiss Made Egyptian


Mohy Taha MBBCh, MD, FMH, is a fellowship-trained consultant with a specialty in orthopedics and traumatology and a subspecialty in the shoulder and elbow. In his best-selling book, he takes readers on a journey to create their medical career success path by sharing his experiences and own adventure journey, one that brought him to five different continents in his pursuit of robust and challenging training experiences to make him the expert he most wants to be for his patients. Mohy's stories, insights, and observations on what it takes to succeed in today's global medical community will both inform and inspire readers who aim to join the illustrious profession of medicine.

No matter the stage you find yourself in your medical career path—whether an aspiring medical student, a medical student, an intern, a resident/registrar, a prospective fellow, a consultant, or a fellowship-trained consultant—in The Swiss-Made Egyptian, he shares stories to inspire you to seize opportunities to expand your medical horizons. You’ll learn too how the platform he created, called MY-FELLOWSHIP, is key in helping you locate and seize these opportunities. After all, a medical career path isn't enough. Mohy wants you to experience a medical career success path, and seizing international medical opportunities is instrumental in bringing in that success element.

All revenue generated from this book will be donated to the MY-FELLOWSHIP,, community platform



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